K.Le DaVincci Unleashes Debut Music Video “I A F W U (Remix)” – A Mic Check Freestyle Extravaganza Directed by Roc Diezal

Memphis, TN – January 1, 2024 – Emerging from the rich musical heritage of Memphis, K.Le DaVincci, a prodigious talent in the music scene, elevates his artistic expression with the launch of his inaugural music video, “I A F W U (Remix)” (I Ain’t Fuckin’ With You). A raw and unfiltered freestyle that showcases his prowess in the Alternative Underground Hip Hop genre, the video is directed by the acclaimed Roc Diezal of Diezal Filmz. Set to be released on January 1, 2024, this debut visual venture promises to inject a fresh wave of energy into Memphis’ vibrant music landscape.

Video Concept:I A F W U (Remix)” adopts the daring form of a Mic Check Freestyle, serving as a bold introduction to K.Le DaVincci’s videography. The 2-minute 36-second visual spectacle masterfully captures the unapologetic essence of K.Le’s musical style, delivering a potent initiation into his charismatic on-camera presence.

Director’s Touch: Roc Diezal, a rising luminary in the Memphis directing scene, renowned for capturing the authenticity of the city’s emerging talent, lends his directorial expertise to this project. Having lensed 20% of Memphis’ burgeoning talent, Roc Diezal collaborates seamlessly with K.Le DaVincci to craft a visually stunning and genuine representation of the artist’s distinctive style.

Special Effects and Visual Elements: The “I A F W U (Remix)” video is an immersive visual experience, with Roc Diezal infusing his signature style to amplify the raw energy emanating from K.Le’s freestyle. Expect a multi-sensory journey, where visual elements harmonize with the intense lyrics and beats, creating a captivating cinematic experience.

Quote from K.Le DaVincci: “It was an exhilarating experience shooting this video. Despite being my first, I eagerly anticipate stepping in front of the camera more frequently. Knowing Roc for years, I trusted him as a director to bring my work to life.” – K.Le DaVincci

About K.Le DaVincci: K.Le DaVincci, born Christopher Forest, traces his musical lineage to the legendary Beale Street, where his grandfather, Earl Forest, was a pivotal figure. Informed by a family of musicians, K.Le embarked on a musical odyssey leading to collaborations with X-Camp, Sweat Da Trac Productions, and a diverse catalog of music. Beyond his musical pursuits, K.Le has ventured into entertainment, hosting prominent events and showcasing his multifaceted talents.

K.Le DaVincci “I A F W U (Remix)” – A Mic Check Freestyle

Connect with K.Le DaVincci:

Media Inquiries: C. Alexander Forest AllThingsKDV@gmail.com 901.878.2024

About Roc Diezal: Roc Diezal is an ascending director in Memphis, recognized for his collaboration with 20% of the city’s burgeoning talent. His partnership with K.Le DaVincci on the “I A F W U (Remix)” video marks a significant milestone in both their careers, providing an official visual representation to K.Le DaVincci’s extensive underground discography.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact: C. Alexander Forest | AllThingsKDV@gmail.com | 901.878.2024

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