“Exit Memphis, Instrumentals”: DaVincci’s Sonic Symphony

Memphis, Tennessee – on January 23, 2024 – In a momentous revelation that sent shockwaves through the music industry, the acclaimed music producer K.Le DaVincci has unveiled his highly anticipated…

K.Le DaVincci Creates and Unveils New Single “Thirty Mile Zone” (TMZ) Live on Bigo Streaming App

“Is K.Le Keeping it G with TMZ?”
K.Le DaVincci dropped his latest track, “Thirty Mile Zone” (TMZ), live on Bigo Streaming. The move has sparked discussions about his authenticity and a nod to Warren G’s style.

K.Le DaVincci Unleashes Debut Music Video “I A F W U (Remix)” – A Mic Check Freestyle Extravaganza Directed by Roc Diezal

Rising from the soulful roots of Memphis, K.Le DaVincci emerges as a force in the music scene with the release of his inaugural music video, “I A F W U (Remix)” (I Ain’t Fuckin’ With You). Directed by the acclaimed Roc Diezal of Diezal Filmz, the video is set to premiere on January 1, 2024, promising an electrifying debut that will breathe new life into Memphis’ diverse musical landscape.

Everywhere Now Streaming

6 songs 17 Min Everywhere – KleDaVincci.com

No Turning Back Now Streaming

10 Songs 38 Min No Turning Back – KleDaVincci.com

Carpe Diem Now Streaming

7 Songs 20 Min Carpe Diem – KLeDaVincci.com

9 Days; The Demo Now Streaming

14 Songs 51 Min 9 Days; The Demo – KLeDaVincci.com

The Levels, Now Streaming

8 Songs 25 Min The Levels – KLeDaVincci.com

CEO Status, Now Streaming

10 Songs 36 Min CEO Status – KLeDaVincci.com

You Sleeping on Me, Now Streaming

9 Songs 40 Min You Sleeping on Me – KleDaVincci.com