Storm of Silence: DaVincci’s Epic Clash Against Social Media’s Copyright Laws, Now Haunted by the Loss of 5,000 Followers Overnight!

[Memphis, Tn 1/29/24] — In a strategic move to distance himself from Facebook due to copyright infringements during sample production, K.Le DaVincci finds himself entangled in a web of issues as he amplifies his social media presence.

Unfortunately, the acclaimed producer has encountered restrictions on not one but two major social media platforms. The initial setback occurred on “Bigo” after unveiling his highly anticipated beat tape, “Exit Memphis,” a compilation of instrumentals hailed as a “cinematic soundtrack.” DaVincci attributes the hurdle to Bigo‘s concerns with the cover art, which he defines as a visual representation of Memphis.

The second blow came from “X,” formerly known as “Twitter.” While promoting the “Who Got Momentum Showcase,” initiated by Certified Gold Producer Jaccem Smaccem, DaVincci was stunned to discover the suspension of his account without prior warning on both occasions.

“I already felt the shadow ban on Facebook. Now the way these apps suspending me, you’d think I was saying some ‘antisemitic sh*t like Kanye, but then again, they always compare me to him anyway. I guess this is part of it.” – K.Le DaVincci

Despite these setbacks, K.Le DaVincci remains active on alternative platforms, including his own The pressing question lingers: will these social media giants reinstate his full access, or will he forfeit the accumulated 5,000+ followers from both Twitter and Bigo combined?

The saga unfolds. Stay tuned for updates.

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