Dramatic COIN TOSS?! “K.Le DaVincci Decides: ‘Who Got Momentum’ Crowns King Clove and Gangsta Twinn as Victors

Memphis, TN – January 28, 2024

In a thrilling conclusion to Jaccem Smaccem‘s “Who Got Momentum” showcase Jan 27, 2024, the event crowned its victors: King Clove and Gangster Twinn. However, the decision-making process was far from easy, especially for judge K.Le DaVincci, who introduced a dramatic “Gloves Off” decision breaker between Gangster Twinn and “Starwreckless.”

“It’s close!” exclaimed DaVincci in a backstage conversation with additional judge, “Pap Hayes“. “They gotta perform again.” DaVincci‘s meticulous evaluation revealed a nuanced decision-making process, with a surprising twist in the form of a battle between Gangster Twinn and Starwreckless.

DaVincci‘s stat sheet highlighted the exceptional performance of Gangster Twinn in her first song, describing it as “PHENOMENAL,” while pointing out a dip in audio quality for the second song. However, he acknowledged her great stage presence and the ability to bring her own crowd.

Starwreckless, on the other hand, received commendation for performing all her lyrics and delivering decent songs. DaVincci noted the strong crowd engagement during Starwreckless’s performance, with many attendees enthusiastically responding to her set.

In an unconventional move, a coin toss determined that Gangster Twinn would perform second in the decision breaker. In a shocking turn of events, Star experienced a freezing moment during the battle, signaling the commencement of her dramatic downfall, despite triumphing in the coin toss. Unanimously, the judges telepathically voted Gangster Twinn as the Queen of the Night after she flawlessly executed her freestyle, securing her victory in the showcase.

What about King Clove?

Sources claim: “DaVincci had very little to say about his [King Clove] performance, and was straight to the point.”

King Clove, had great quality music, Stage Performance & Excellent across the board. We off that. Lets get to the real issue [Starr Wreckless & Gangster Twinn]”. –K.Le DaVincci

Reflecting on the challenging decision, DaVincci emphasized the tough competition between the talented artists. The showcase not only celebrated the winners but also showcased the incredible skill and passion of all participants, contributing to the vibrancy of Memphis’ music scene.

Additional judges listed in the event: Pap Hayes, and Frizzell Lawson.

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