K.Le DaVincci, Respected Hip-Hop Figure, Judges Jaccem Smaccem’s debut “Who Got Momentum” Showcase

Memphis, TN – January 28, 2024

Jaccem Smaccem, a producer hailing from Memphis, achieved gold producer certification from the RIAA in April 2023 for his work on the track “I would Keep Going” from BIG SCARR‘s Big Grim Reaper album. In a recent event, he played background to the much-anticipated “Who Got Momentum” showcase, spotlighting a diverse array of 10 male and 10 female artists competing for the top position. The event, originally scheduled for January 20, 2024, faced a setback due to unforeseen weather conditions, resulting in a rescheduled date of January 27, 2024.

The showcase, a first for Smaccem, drew attention not only for its promising talent but also for securing K.Le DaVincci, an influential figure in the hip-hop community, as one of the judges. Despite the initial delay, the event boasted a lively atmosphere with fellow artists, cameramen, and music producers in attendance.

DaVincci, known for his professionalism and unbiased critiques, shared insights into his judging approach. Dressed in his signature business attire, a departure from the typical hip-hop style, he emphasized the importance of maintaining objectivity in evaluating performances.

When asked about his role as a judge, DaVincci explained, “I’ve known Jaccem for a few years or more. Our alliance for sound quality is one of many reasons why I partnered with him to judge the showcase.” He further highlighted his commitment to offering unbiased opinions, irrespective of personal preferences, drawing on his experience in various music-related endeavors, including hosting events for Memphisrap.com and contributing to Iron Mouth Battle League.

The judging criteria, encompassing performance, crowd control, presence, and quality, were meticulously evaluated by DaVincci. Notably, his judging extended beyond artistic merit to include a strategic marketing perspective. Recognizing the potential for collaboration, DaVincci expressed his vision for the winning artists to contribute to a compilation, ensuring a mutually beneficial outcome for both artists and Smaccem.

Jaccem Smaccem, expressing gratitude for DaVincci‘s involvement, stated, “You are the most professional judge I’ve ever encountered.” The showcase, now successfully concluded, sets the stage for future collaborations and elevates Memphis’ music scene with a fusion of talent, expertise, and business acumen.

Additional judges listed: Pap Hayes, and Frizzell Lawson.

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