K.Le DaVincci Interview w/ Fashion Pani

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, K.Le DaVincci is a producer and rapper. Growing up in an area called Easthaven which is the exact borderline of both BHZ, (Black Haven Zone, politically known as Whitehaven) and East Memphis, K.Le DaVincci now makes an impact down south in Dallas, Texas. He is driven to improve his skills in the music industry every day. “I am Currently working on an Untitled remix series. I originally released 9 Albums and 28 singles during a three-month time span in 2018 that garnered the attention of Google, and solidified my distribution deal with Sugo Music Group. After releasing these projects, it gave me a better chance to test the market with particular songs, because I didn’t place any ‘financial’ backing into promotion, only word of mouth. 

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Interview with Rapper and Producer, K.Le DaVincci (fashionpani.online)

Interview with Rapper and Producer, K.Le DaVincci (fashionpani.online)

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